This Christmas we are supporting More Trees for BANES to enable them to grow and plant local trees in our areas. A truly RAWRSOME charity run by volunteers, we are targeting 1000 TREE REX's to be hung on Christmas Trees this year and in return we want to plant a whole Community Tree Nursery of 1000 local trees
More Trees BANES
More Trees BANES is a not-for-profit community group that grows and plants trees across Bath and North East Somerset. They work with the local authority, residents and businesses to make the region an even greener place to live, work and visit. Their main focus is setting up a network of Community Tree Nurseries, in partnership with Grow Yourself CIC. They collect seed from ancient & semi-natural woodland, to ensure they are growing indigenous stock, which they then plant as close to that woodland as possible. This reduces the need for people to import trees from other regions or countries, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and biosecurity risks attached to tree planting.  

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