Go Circular Economy!

In our current economy, we take materials from the Earth, make products from them, and eventually throw them away as waste – the process is linear – ‘cradle to grave’. We believe in a circular economy, by contrast – ‘cradle to cradle’ - where we stop waste being produced in the first place. We have a part to play in this solution by driving sustainable product development forward, but it requires every cog in the economy to turn together to make this happen…manufacture, transport, waste collection, recycling, retailers… and all of us to make the right decisions.

  • Why Sugar Cane?

    We use the waste product from sugar cane production to make our tubes so we do not have to mine or use harmful fossil fuels

    Sugar cane is a renewable raw material that can be replanted and 100% recyclable in the normal plastic supply chain.

    The sugar cane growns 1000’s of miles away from rainforests on arable land for the minimum impact on food supplies and bio-diversity.

  • Why Not Glass?

    ✘ Glass is 10x heavier than plastic which drastically increases CO2 emissions in production and transport.

    ✘ Glass Jars use 3 different materials – glass, metal and paper, where as our tube only uses one. That is 3 raw resource and 3 energy intense processes

    ✘ Glass is fragile so there is much higher potential for breakage and wastage.

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