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Local Sainsbury's besieged with flock of man-sized inflatable TEA REX suits to raise` awareness for dyslexics in the startup up world, while launching game changing fresh infusions. Wimbledon-based dad of two, Andrew Walker and a gang of 20 of his mates descended upon Merton’s Sainsbury’s, dressed in mightily silly T Rex suits to surprise and delight shoppers. Andrew believes the world of tea to be dry and boring; he’s bringing colour, flavour and fun to Infusions so he’ll be celebrating the launch of his TEA REX Infusions (www.tearex.co.uk) into Sainsbury’s, dressed as an 8’2 dinosaur to bring a smile to flagging Saturday shoppers. As part of his flash mob, Andrew wanted to champion dyslexics in business, he will be donating profits from the next seven days of sales to a dyslexia charity and offering a one month internship for a young dyslexic in need of a mentor; no CV required, all they need to do is send in a one minute video application. As a dyslexic, Andrew operates on the basis that actions speak louder than words so why not don a comedy dinosaur suit in the name of a decent fruit-filled cuppa? As the world’s third largest tea drinking nation, Andrew wants Brits to drop one of their usual beige bland brews for a flavour-packed fruit infusion to kick start their day and, as 10% of the country that are challenged by reading and writing, he wants to spread the message that business welcomes dyslexics. Andrew said, “School can be tricky for those who struggle with language and communicating ideas on paper, I wanted to use the way we launched our game-changing, vibrant infusions to bring attention to the wealth of creative careers open to young people with dyslexia. This launch with Sainsbury’s Taste of the Future is momentous for TEA REX, what better time to shine a light on a message that can resonate with young people who may need that confidence boost. There can be some trepidation about entering the world of work for those who struggle with written work at school, so I wanted to offer this one month internship to local youth who could do with the mentorship needed to sky rocket in their chosen career. The startup world is ideal for people buzzing with big creative ideas, a sleeves rolled up attitude and those willing to learn on their feet – all I ask is for a one minute video pitch telling me why you’d like to work with TEA REX!” HOW TO APPLY In a one minute video, on any format, either via social media or an online download, let me know why you’d like to get your sleeves rolled up and work for TEA REX what you would bring to the startup. Send your email to: intern@tearex.co.uk Note: No PowerPoints. No PDFs. No CVs Internship: 2-4 week paid internship Location: Intern would need to be able to travel to Bath

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