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Since launching our revolutionary sugar cane squeeze tube over 1m cups of TEA REX have been drunk… a huge landmark moment for an innovation which came from my kitchen table 5 years ago. To meet this demand and make the many new blends you have requested, we are building a brand new production line…… but unfortunately it's taking longer than we hoped.

We are now out of stock and keenly await our next batch ... please sign up to our newsletter below to be the first to find our when we are back in stock and we'll send you £4 OFF on an infuser

Thanks for your patience - RAWR! Andrew / Founder

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"Fruit tea never tastes as good as is smells, right? That's why our infusions are made of fresh (not dried) fruits, roots & leaves so they & packed full of zingy flavours and natural goodness to make you rise & RAWR!"

  • "The best infusion on the market...

    ...I have drunk lemon 🍋 ginger and turmeric infusions for years but this it absolutely THE BEST!'

  • "WOW! What a delivery of a new concept...

    ... a clean infusion, refreshing and zingy. A bold blend that delivers a punch for sure and good balance of turmeric."

  • "TEA REX Converted me!... a hater of herbal teas I can't recommend TEA REX enough - They taste as good as they smell."

  • "I love the fact that it is fresh...

    ...rather than a dried one - you can tell the difference. I've now ordered a second time and will be back for more!"

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Our tubes don't release Co2- They capture carbon!

TEA REX’s bio-plastic tubes are made from sugarcane, not fossil fuels. This means they are made from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable. Brew every cup with our reusable infuser, cafetière or tea strainer for a sustainable infusion. Happy Days!

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Reuseble mug with twist-in filter to infuse TEA REX wherever life takes you...

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