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Bring Out The RAWR

TEA REX is the world’s first raw fruit and root tea. It is made with only fresh ingredients and natural processes to make every cup RAWR with flavour.

Since the kettle met the campfire fresh fruits and roots have been brewed as a revitalizing remedy or a social sip. Fast forward to today, and we have compromised this world of amazing flavours, colours and all-round goodness into highly convenient, yet bland and boring tea bags that quite simply fall short.

TEA REX uses clever cold-pressing, not pasteurisation, to naturally cram all the flavours, vitamins and nutrients into a raw blend ready for you to just add hot water.

So it’s out with the beige bags and in with some real RAWR.

Our fresh fruit and root infusions are naturally caffeine free, gluten free, dairy free and free from any added sugar or artificial flavourings.

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Fresh Fruit Infusions?

We believe that fruit tea should taste like fruit. So instead of dried flavoured teas that smell great but let down on flavour, our TEA REX infusions only use raw chopped fresh fruit and root. Giving you a healthy brew that's absolutely packed with epic flavour. Check out our journal to find out why our RAWR brews deliver so much more of the good stuff than the normal beige teabag. 

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I like warm drinks, but not much of a regular tea or coffee drinker so another kind of pick up is great for me. 

Cj Hanbury-Williams

During my pregnancy I struggled to find a hot drink which was decaffeinated and tasty!... I'm loving that we found TEA REX teas now.

Baby Loved 2017

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