How many cup does one tube make?

Each tube contains 10 cups... that’s about 1 heaped teaspoon (10g) per infusion. However, tea is a personal thing... depending your strength preference you can adjust how much you squeeze in or how long you brew for.


How long does it take to brew?

We would recommend starting at 3 mins for a hot brew and 6+ mins for cold brew… but you’ll probably work out what works for you!

What is the shelf life?

Each tube has a 1 year shelf life from the date of manufacturing and once opened can be kept in the fridge for 21 days as it is a totally natural product and uses no nasties. It has to be kept refrigerated when opened.


Note: Since we launched we have established a new 40 days open refrigerated shelf life, but the packaging is being updated so may take time to reach you.

Does it contain anything artificial?

Nothing… nothing but fresh fruits, roots and leaves. Pure, simple and full of flavour. We just use the IQ of mother nature’s lemons and low PH fruits to make it last…! It's been around for years so we have used nature to help us, but this does mean that it has to be kept in the fridge once opened. 

Does it have added Sugar?

Nope, not a pinch…. Just anything natural from fruits, roots and leaves. If you like it sweeter, we leave you to add the sugar or honey!

Is it vegan?

Yes… we even use unwaxed lemons!

Can I have a sample?

Due to huge demand are currently only able to service customer orders, but down the line we will look at offering Free samples with a contribution to the P&P. Please sign up to our newsletter for more info.

My order has not arrived

We aim pack and post via Royal Mail within 24hrs (Mon-Fri) on a 48hr delivery. Currently due to covid Royal Mail have advised it can take 2-5 working days to arrive. If you have not received it by then please contact teams@tearex.co.uk with your order number.

Why do we use bio-plastic?

After 3 years of research and development, we launched a bio-plastic tube made of made out of sugar cane (not fossil fuels). This is 100% recyclable and kerb-side collected in most councils (even the black cap). The reason we choose this material is because it uses a sustainable resource to make it, is lighter to transport, has less breakages and uses less energy to make and recycle than glass. It’s not 100% perfect yet, but we are working hard on it.


Are there other flavours coming?

We've seen such a huge demand since we launched in March we are putting all the cogs in place to scale our small startup... with so much potential for new flavours - watch this space - but if you have any ideas let us know at rawr@tearex.co.uk


Is it organic?

All ingredients are ethically sourced and don't use pesticides but not all are organic approved. In some cases, organic is not as environmentally friendly or does not offer a ethical or stable supply chain. Rest assured but we are always working on ways to improve our sourcing.

How does the vitamin C work?

To be totally honest (many tea brands aren't) - when you put hot water in any Vit C it decreases it's power... but we have all the real phytonutrients, fibre and low PH of real ingredients like lemon which taste better and are better for you!

Why do I need an infuser?

This is a fresh chop of fruits, roots and leaves… the infuser gives a super smooth infusion, but then some people also like the bits – extra fibre! Totally personal preference! We offer one FREE infuser on us with your first order!

Do they have caffeine?

All the blends are Caffeine free except the Earl Grey which has black tea.

When is good to drink it?

They are all good to kick start your day… and healthy hydration for the rest. Brew up first thing to help you rise and RAWR!

Can you have it cold?

Totally… either brew hot and leave to cool for maximum flavours or brew cold for a minimum of 6 mins.

Why has my free sample not arrived?

Since we offered a few people samples over 1,000 people got in touch.... We think it got shared on a freebie website. We are currently allocating all stock to customer orders, but we hope to offer anyone who emailed us a free sample in the next few months when we have stock in but will require a contribution to P&P . Thanks for your patience

What is your refund and return policy?

As long as it’s unused, sealed and boxed you can send it back, but we recommend you to get in touch first to see if we can help. You’ll have to ship it back to us yourself, and we recommend using tracked delivery. Make sure you pop some details in the box so we know who it’s from. Once it arrives, we’ll get your refund or exchange sorted.

What if I receive a defective or incorrect product?

If you receive a defective product or incorrect product, please contact us immediately at info@tearex.co.uk with your order number and a description of the problem.


What is the nutritional values?