Founder Feature Piece in Speciality Food Magazine

Founder Feature Piece in Speciality Food Magazine

Speciality Food Magazine asked TEA REX for it's take on innovation within the drinks industry. Our founder Andrew obviously jumped at the chance - See what he had to say below:

"The current drinks market is full of a whole host of new brand launches with innovation as a key selling point.  However, when you look a little closer, beyond the label, genuine innovation is few and far between.  The brands that really stand apart combine both new product thinking and great brand delivery – here are a couple of examples:

TAPPED birch water harvests nutrient rich water by literally tapping trees for 15mins per bottle.  This is a new process in the market, but what makes this the complete product, is their unique round drinks bottle to emulate a birch trunk. Simply obvious, yet highly effective.

Another category owning brand just by virtue of their clever name, is ‘PHIZZ’ with their effervescent rehydration tablets. Previously you have had to hold your nose while you drank these dissolved tablets as they are a means to ending a hangover or upset stomach. In short PHIZZ tastes good, but also look tasteful. They are a lifestyle product, not just a lifesaver.  This innovative positioning opens up whole new market for consumers looking for healthy hydration on the go.

There are a lot (a lot) of options to get your coffee fix out there in a cold format. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee really kicked this off bringing a great tasting beverage to the masses.  Since then the market has been flooded by products which have a factional difference, but the new coffee sodas from guys at Sandows really standout. Fizzy, cold, spiced (or citrus) coffee in a can? Wacky yes, but a totally original taste wrapped in a well-designed stubby beer tin – surprisingly refreshing all round.

In the fruit tea market consumers have accepted that a fruity cuppa smells great, but tastes of dishwater. This is simply because when you dehydrate ingredients you lose flavour… when was the last time you had powdered egg or milk? The solution is simple – go fresh.  To go against the beige bag status quo we have invented a new format and delivery method to bring this to market. But, as with the brands above, it is only when you combine the innovation into a brand which intrigues and engages consumers, will it turn in a real category game changer."