Brand is What a Brand Does.

This phrase was bandied around a lot when I used to work in advertising and always resonated, but as a brand Founder it has come to mean a lot more.

I’m incredibly fortunate, I had 10 years cutting my teeth in an amazing industry - making ideas happen with marketing. Turning sketches into newspapers adverts, bringing scripts to TV screens and digital doodles to your Facebook page. Making things happen for clients wanting to get their message out in the world. The work is something to be proud of, but it is the people that really make it. There is no the industry on earth where such a brilliant, bizarre and bonkers group of eclectic people combine to create great stuff every day…it’s their job. I loved it. But the downside of the marketing world for me was that it was ‘for clients’… you were not taking your own ideas forward and hence not getting the real rewards for your ideas. 

At this point it’s worth mentioning: I’m dislexic, dizlezic…dyslexic. Umm, who on earth decided to spell it this way! Because I have struggled to express myself through written words, I have instead relied on creative thinking to develop an idea and then ‘doing’ to deliver it…. With a view to playing to my strengths, I’ve always held an ambition to create an opportunity to make ideas happen. I wanted to build a business with creative culture and the buzz of an agency, but with a product I owned.

So, I saved up, left a safe and comfortable job and launched my own challenger brand to take over the world! It’s taken two and a half years, but I have invented a product and a built brand that is now listed in Sainsbury’s. This has been achieved through a lot of ‘doing’, just giving it a go… along with a bucket load grit and determination.  For example – I won a place at the BBC Good Food Show after entering six sachets that were made in my home kitchen which led to having to make 4000 by hand two months later. I have pitched to retailers first thing on a Monday morning, without having a meeting booked, which in turn got TEA REX listed… and this brings me on to the stunt at Sainsbury’s Colliers Wood last weekend where we unleashed 20 8ft2 TEA REXs. 

I wanted to use the way we launched our game-changing colourful infusions to bring attention to the wealth of creative careers open to young people with dyslexia. This launch with Sainsbury’s Taste of the Future is momentous for TEA REX, what better time to shine a light on a message that can resonate with young people who may need that extra confidence boost. There can be some trepidation about entering the world of work for those who struggle with written work at school, so I wanted to offer this an internship to local school or college leaver who could do with mentorship and experience in the real world. The startup world is ideal for people buzzing with big creative ideas, a sleeves rolled up attitude and those willing to learn on their feet and I’d like to offer one person a paid internship with TEA REX at this huge time for us. 


In a one minute video, on any format, either via social media or an online download, let me know why you’d like to get your sleeves rolled up and work for TEA REX what you would bring to the startup.



Internship: 2-4 week paid internship

Location: Live locally enough to  be able to travel to Raynes Park and Islington


No PowerPoints


No CVs